As menopause gains traction and public awareness grows, there is an increasing number of interesting people and companies in the field who deserve to be mentioned. One of them is Ann Garnier, the founder and CEO of Lisa Health, a company that helps women transform the menopause life stage and empowers them to thrive in it. Midday is their new an app launched in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic that helps women track their menopause and navigate all of the problems and solutions that arise during this stage of life.

Ann Garnier is a healthcare leader who has assisted in the creation and release of many innovative companies and products. She is absolutely passionate about using technology to help women thrive in midlife and celebrate the beginning of a new era. The menopause project coincided with her own menopause transition, which helped her understand the subject more deeply and personally, and this innovative tech solution was born as a result. If you want to learn more about Midday, take a seat and press play!

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  • Meeting Ann Garnier and learning about Lisa Health’s journey.
  • Ann’s decades of experience in the health tech space, which she used to create this amazing tech-enabled solution for menopausal women.
  • Midday is the app that can help when you feel like nothing works for you anymore and you want to be supported through your menopausal journey.
  • Dr. Dweck notes that this app sounds far more involved than a typical telehealth appointment.
  • If women want to share the data with their care provider, they can simply download the report for menopausal hormone therapy from Midday.
  • Rachel is curious about what they do with the data and how they maintain the database.
  • In addition to providing advice, this app offers a product marketplace where women can find any product they may require.
  • The Elephant in the Room: Dr. Dweck wants to know how Lisa Health manages liability.
  • Lisa Health’s perspective on future collaborations and what they look for in potential partners.
  • Lisa Health has a lot of exciting plans for the future: menopause in the workplace, wearable technology for detecting and predicting symptoms, and much more.
  • HOT FLASH: Based on a recent Forbes article, it seems that 73% of women don’t treat their menopause symptoms. This is not necessarily a good thing because hot flashes, night sweats and even vaginal dryness may go unattended, unmanaged, and women may be suffering.


“Thankfully, the world is now starting to have discussions about menopause on a very regular basis.” (Rachel)

“You sound literally like the Swan Study. People put you out there to set up a platform for menopause and, as it turned out, they got a whole lot of valuable information about menopause.” (Dr. Dweck)

“We know that women have many needs during this life stage, so we wanted to support them with an end-to-end platform.” (Ann)

“We know that many women don’t have access to a healthcare clinician who’s trained in menopausal care, so at least they know that now there is someone they can go to.” (Ann)

“One of the learnings that we had early on is that women want a one stop shop. They’re super busy.” (Ann)

“I think I’ll make a bold call here that 2023 is going to be the year of menopause in the workplace.” (Ann)

“I can truly appreciate the whole workplace importance because of the thermostat wars I hear about in boardrooms. Nobody should have to grin and bear that one.” (Dr. Dweck)



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