In this episode, Dr. Dweck and Rachel have a conversation with special guest Jill Angelo, founder of Gennev, the first ever online clinic for women in menopause. Together, they talk about menopause, what women are seeking for their own menopausal health and the impact that menopause has on the economy as well as the physical self.

First, Jill candidly shares how she began her career in tech and shifted “from tech to lube.” Next, she explains how she laid the groundwork for Gennev by speaking with 1500 women to conduct research surrounding their menopause education, health and mindset. Also, she explains more about the data gathered, what the Gennev telehealth platform offers and other details including payment, insurance, FSA and HSAs. Furthermore, Jill shares about Gennev’s physicians and the vetting process.

In closing, Jill shares where you can find Gennev and what is in the pipeline moving forward. She also encourages any women listeners to take the menopause assessment and see where you are on your menopause journey as a whole woman.

Watch the Interview with Gennev CEO, Jill Angelo


  • Dr. Alyssa shares the definition and symptoms of menopause.
  • Dr. Alyssa shares the time frame of menopause.
  • Jill shares how she went from Microsoft to menopause.
  • Jill shares how she gathers patients or consumers and the menopause assessment that she offers to them.
  • Jill shares about the data and how they monetize it.
  • Jill shares how the audience has been during the pandemic and how she vets her practitioners.
  • Jill shares how they manage the controversy of hormone replacement therapy and all its risks.
  • Jill explains how her platform works with insurance.
  • Jill explains how FSA and HSAs work.
  • Jill shares the mindset she’s found among practitioners in general vs. physicians specialized in gynecology.
  • Jill shares what is coming down the pipeline including a focus on menopause mental health.
  • Jill shares where to find Gennev.


0:24: “Menopause is defined as 12 consecutive months without a menstrual cycle for no other obvious reason after the age of 40.”

0:43: “You name it- you can almost blame your hormones for it.”

5:11 “Millions of women are searching everyday on menopausal symptoms because it’s discreet…taboo and something we don’t like to talk about.”

5:22 “We capitalized on the need for information in isolation.

6:24 “From perimenopause to post menopause, you can be in that stage of life for up to 20 years.”

9:36 “Putting menopause on the map is a move forward for all women in terms of what kind of care we want.”

10:18 “It’s going to take all of us to move the needle.”

10:45 “Menopause counseling in general really lends itself to telehealth.”

12:30 “Our goal was to treat the whole woman and we’re providing that kind of care with the professionals we have.”

13:33 “Fortune Magazine notes that 1 billion women are to be in menopause by the year 2025.”

20:42 “The practitioners we’ve brought on board look at the whole her…but it goes beyond physical symptoms. When we work with our physicians, a lot of them have become menopause specialists…our team has the gift of time and experience…they are well positioned for when a specialist is required for the woman.”

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  1. Thank you Dr. Dweck and Rachel for opening up the world of Menopause for women where they can learn and ask questions and realize whatever they may be experiencing is normal and that they are not alone as they continue through this journey.

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