Elektra Health is back on our show, they’re still smashing menopause taboos, and this time they bring good news! Menopause is gaining traction, there’s a lot going on in this space, and we’re thrilled because women truly deserve it. When it comes to menopause, Elektra Health is a must-visit platform, and they bring you everything you need to navigate this journey: education, care, community, and conversation. Elektra is all about science, evidence-based information, expert care, and endless sources of support.

Today we hear from Jannine Versi, the co-founder and COO of Elektra Health. She’s previously worked at Google, the Obama White House and Cityblock Health, to name a few, and now she’s right where she belongs: in women’s health. She’s going to share plenty of interesting statistics and data collected from the company’s latest research, so stay tuned as Dr. Dweck and Rachel navigate through Elektra’s past year and learn how menopausal women feel in the workplace and what we can do to make them feel better!

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  • Jannine’s path to women’s health after years in technology, public policy work, and general health.
  • As Dr. Dweck points out, the healthcare experience is not very user-friendly for female patients, who are the entry point into healthcare.
  • Jannine shares what Elektra’s team looks like and how they assist women in navigating the healthcare system.
  • Online support via telemedicine and a full-stack digital platform.
  • Learn about Elektra’s research on menopause in the workplace.
  • According to statistics, one out of every five women in the US has considered leaving her job due to menopause.
  • According to Dr. Dweck, during menopause women are divided into two groups: those who want to quit altogether and those who have been raised with a suck-it-up attitude.
  • Mental health is a crucial component of menopause support, and 42% of women in the study reported not having enough mental health support.
  • Elektra’s method of educating businesses and helping them establish employee support systems.
  • How Elektra differs from other platforms and how it stands out in the marketplace.
  • Jannine provides insight into the process of supplement and medication recommendation.
  • As Rachel points out, providing a more comfortable environment for menopausal women would reduce overall costs while increasing productivity.
  • Menopause 101 is a must-read.
  • Dr. Dweck avidly reads Elektra’s newsletter and is astounded by the amount of detail and research.
  • This October you can find Elektra Health at the NAMS conference.
  • Jannine shares a wonderful testimonial written by a platform member.
  • Elektra’s plans for the future: some exciting collaborations are in the works.
  • HOT FLASH: As of 2020, most employers have wellness programs of some kind, including 53% of small firms (those with 3 to 200 employees) and 81% of large companies.


“Most of our members at Elektra are women who are in various stages of perimenopause, or they’re often recently postmenopausal.” (Jannine)

“If you can support these women in their time of need, you can often influence decisions, loyalty, and retention across other parts of your health plan business.” (Jannine)

“At a time when so much is happening in women’s health, [we] need to be paying attention to how we care for women across the lifespan.” (Jannine)

“The people who are having problems navigating their workday due to their menopausal symptoms, they’re in my office desperate for solutions.” (Dr. Dweck)

“I think there is a fear of pathologizing menopause in addition to all the other areas where women feel they have to counter stigma and bias.” (Jannine)

“42% of women report not having enough mental health support to deal with menopause.” (Jannine)

“We bring together education, care and community in partnership with women over the course of their journey to help them understand how to navigate.” (Jannine)

“If you can provide an environment where [women] are more comfortable emotionally, physically and intellectually, think about how your search costs will be reduced.” (Rachel)

“I’m amazed at the current status of the research that you present. It’s not just a little teeny snippet that somebody may hear on the news or read in a newspaper.” (Dr. Dweck)

“Building business in this space is hard. It’s energizing. It’s exciting. It’s exhausting.” (Rachel)


Website: www.elektrahealth.com

Jannine @LinkedIn


Website: www.businessofthev.com

Dr. Alyssa Dweck: https://drdweck.comRachel Braun Scherl: www.sparksolutionsforgrowth.com/about-rachel-braun-scherl/

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