Did you know that urinary tract infection is the second most common infection in the United States? Does anyone ever bring that up? We say: maybe, but not nearly enough! As UTIs affect a majority of women on this continent, our clinicians might be relying on obsolete treatment options, and women may feel stigmatized by society . Business of the V speaks with two incredible women  dedicated to changing the world of UTIs!

In this episode of the Busine$$ of the V, hear from Lindsey Williams and Megan Henken, the Co-Founders of MyUTI. This is the very first platform created with the goal of assisting women suffering from frequent and persistent UTIs by providing dependable testing solutions and support. Lindsey and Megan bring you the best of both worlds, as Lindsey’s focus has been in urology, while Megan has been more focused on women’s health and sexual wellness. This amazing duo will accompany Rachel and Dr. Dweck in an engaging conversation about how to prevent UTIs, how not to treat it once it has occurred, and how to make the most of MyUTI!

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  • Dr. Dweck and Rachel introduce us to the concept of UTIs and offer some advice on how to prevent and treat this infection.
  • If you think you’re developing a urinary tract infection, you should consult your gynecologist or internal medicine doctor.
  • Lindsey gives us and overview of hers and Megan’s healthcare experience; Lindsey’s niche was urology, while Megan focused more on women’s health and sexual wellness.
  • Dealing with Stereotypes: UTIs are not all about poor hygiene and unhealthy sexual habits.
  • Dr. Dweck emphasizes the importance of making people understand that a UTI is not a shameful condition.
  • Unfortunately, many women simply want to get this problem solved as quickly as possible – “Just get me the drug!”
  • According to Lindsey, it is paramount to identify the root cause of the infection.
  • Step by Step: the entire process of getting a treatment facilitated by MyUTI is thoroughly explained.
  • Rachel brings up over the counter remedies such as Azo and cranberry juice; do these remedies actually work?
  • Dr. Dweck emphasizes that MyUTI tests are more than just a simple dipstick; they are actually PCR-based!
  • Lindsey and Megan have connections with urological specialists and telehealth for women, and the test results are processed by a clinical decision support software, which makes them 100% reliable!
  • Megan points out that their primary concern is to put forward accurate and palatable information to the average consumer.
  • MyUTI isn’t just about urinary tract infections: there is a lot more to discuss in terms of women’s health and pelvic health.
  • HOT FLASH: As many as 4 in 10 women who get a UTI will get at least another one within six months.


“Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s normal.” (Megan)

“UTIs are incredibly common: more than 50% of women have had at least one and many, many more have had recurrent infections.” (Dr. Dweck)

“What we’re noticing from a consumer perspective is that convenience is trumping a lot of other aspects of healthcare.” (Lindsey)

“This is the consumer that we are supporting: the women who knows she shouldn’t decide to take the leftover antibiotics that she has under the sink.” (Megan)

“Listening from a business model perspective, it sounds to me like the lowest hanging fruit in terms of consumers, are people who have had a UTI before.” (Rachel)

“An elderly person can have the progression of a simple UTI to a very serious septic situation very quickly, and those people should be seen by their healthcare providers.” (Dr. Dweck)

“We view ourselves as facilitators for access to care, not care providers.” (Lindsey)

“I imagine for the people who find you and have these recurring infections, they must think they died and went to heaven.” (Rachel)

“Education is really core to our commitment to women, to empower them with knowledge as well as actionable insights.” (Lindsey)

“We just really want to be cognizant that we’re putting forward accurate and palatable information for the everyday consumer.” (Megan)


Website: www.myuti.com

Lindsey @LinkedIn

Megan @LinkedIn


Website: www.businessofthev.com

Dr. Alyssa Dweck: https://drdweck.com

Rachel Braun Scherl: www.sparksolutionsforgrowth.com/about-rachel-braun-scherl/

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