If you’re the parent of a t(w)een or about to be one, you’re in for a treat! Puberty is something that everyone must go through, yet we continue to make such a big deal about it. Parents often don’t know how to approach this topic or lack the right vocabulary, whereas children are either not interested in the discussion or believe TikTokkers have more credibility than their folks. This is where pediatricians come into play, and today we have the honor of welcoming Dr. Lisa Klein, a practicing pediatrician and co-founder of Turning Teen.

Dr. Klein is brimming with positivity and good humor, and we absolutely enjoyed hearing all about Turning Teen, a business that helps parents and children learn about puberty together. This company is definitely going places as its mission is to help teens and tweens step into puberty without shame, stigma, or secrecy. Turning Teen offers a variety of educational programs both online and in person, and their workshops are a perfect mix of learning, bonding, and having a good time. We guarantee that as you listen to Dr. Klein’s humorous and educational stories, you will wish you had someone like her in your adolescence. That being said, buckle up and enjoy the ride through the ups and downs of becoming an adult!

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  • How Dr. Klein turned her passion into a thriving one-of-a-kind business.
  • Dr. Dweck is astounded by the amount of trust that teenagers place in everything they see on TikTok.
  • Most parents are unfamiliar with the proper terms for their own private parts, so how can they teach their children about vulvas and vaginas?
  • Rachel shares some amazing facts: the more children about their anatomy, the more likely they are to report abuse and trauma.
  • Puberty is inadequately covered in most schools in the US, and that really calls for a change.
  • Turning Teen has a unique mission: they want to start conversations and normalize all things puberty.
  • Puberty classes are NOT sex ed classes; kids need to learn why they’re going through puberty in the first place.
  • As Rachel repeatedly points out, some states require sex education but don’t require it to be medically accurate.
  • Dr. Dweck starts a debate about Gardasil and eating disorders: how controversial can these topics get?
  • In Dr. Klein’s office it’s critical that the kid gets some alone time, and it’s concerning just how many children don’t tell their parents about their experiences.
  • Menstrual underwear has been a game changer in the industry, and Dr. Klein adores it!
  • Why are women still hiding their tampons in this day and age?!
  • Don’t underestimate your kids; they may realize they’re entering puberty long before you do. And no, puberty does not equal menstruation!
  • Should we be concerned about puberty arriving earlier, and why is this happening?
  • If you want to learn more about the changes in puberty, Dr. Klein recommends reading The New Puberty.
  • Times are changing, different generations are springing up, and gender identity is becoming increasingly important. You should be respectful to the child and use the right terms.
  • The porn epidemic has arrived, and we have no idea how serious it is. Teenagers should be aware that pornographic content does not depict real-life intercourse.
  • Things are a little rough at the moment, but we might see Turning Teen in public schools sometime in the future!
  • HOT FLASH: There are five stages of puberty called Tanner stages. They include multiple physical changes including breast buds, hair growth, height increase, and menstruation.


“I see teens in my practice, and my goodness, the source of highest authority is TikTok and that’s frightening.” (Dr. Dweck)

“There’s tons of research showing that more we understand our bodies, the more we respect our bodies.” (Dr. Klein)

“The more children understand their anatomy, the more likely they are to report instances of abuse or trauma.” (Rachel)

“I’ll talk to anybody because if I can help you, it means you’re helping your kid.” (Dr. Klein)

“There are states that mandate sex education that don’t require it to be medically accurate, and there are more states that teach abstinence than consent.” (Rachel)

“Sometimes the kids have more knowledge (on puberty), and there’s still a huge cultural issue in the families.” (Dr. Klein)

“Kids in abusive homes and living in poverty have a younger age of puberty, as well as the kids who are obese.” (Dr. Klein)

„We have to be able to talk about our body parts appropriately, not be embarrassed to say the word vagina or vulva, so that we can take ownership of our body“ (Dr. Klein)

“I would love you to be in every school, talking to every tween on the planet.” (Rachel)

“I don’t think that parents understand the porn epidemic. There are teen males that come into the office with erectile dysfunction because of the amount of porn they’re watching.” (Dr. Klein)


Website: www.turningteen.com

Dr. Lisa Klein @LinkedIn


Website: www.businessofthev.com

Dr. Alyssa Dweck: https://drdweck.com

Rachel Braun Scherl: www.sparksolutionsforgrowth.com/about-rachel-braun-scherl/

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  1. That was a really wonderful listen and I’m so happy there are people like Dr. Klein going out of their way to fill a gap that neither parents, the Internet, schools or governments are willing to address meaningfully enough! Evidence-based and empathetic education is such a necessity for creating strong, healthy and empowered populations. Thank you for brightening up my day with this one!

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