According to the old adage, there’s no bad publicity so long as they spell your name right. That certainly proved true in the case of Lora H. DiCarlo, founder of an innovative company that manufactures vibrators. When the Consumer Technology Association distinguished her data-driven products with an industry award – only to take it back based on a morality clause cited by organization higher-ups – it launched a strategic media campaign that put Lora DiCarlo in the spotlight, as well as the driver’s seat!

As you’ll learn on this episode of Busine$$ of the V, Lora is a force of nature who is driving orgasms out of the shadows through candid conversation, education and an array of products designed in consultation with the women who use them. Through a unique partnership with Oregon State University’s graduate robotics department, the company is fine-tuning vibrators that are keenly attuned to real-time feedback from users. It’s a holistic process constantly evolving and based on measurable data points.

Herself a certified sexual therapist, Lora is opening up a dialogue that is long overdue for a community of women who are eager to learn from each other. With investor fundraising in progress and a slate of new complementary products, the momentum is undeniable. So keep an eye on Lora and her namesake company, which at this point is well positioned, ready to scale and accelerating growth on a daily basis.

Don’t miss the latest on Lora DiCarlo’s lively blog, which can be found here. And check out this product match quiz – where you can contribute to the company’s data-driven development.

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