This episode of the Busine$$ of the V is focused on a digital health platform that is drawing raves from women wrestling with low libido and sexual dysfunction. Dr. Dweck and Rachel are hearing from Dr. Lyndsey Harper, an entrepreneur to watch in the sexual health space. She is the CEO and Founder of Rosy, a unique platform that blends education, coaching and a supportive community for women to better understand – and revel in – their sexuality.

As Dr. Dweck likes to say, “Sexual health is general health,” which is why the subscription-based Rosy business model’s positive outcomes resonate far beyond individuals. Being able to direct patients to Rosy is huge for busy OB-GY’s who simply don’t have time – or sufficient training – enough to provide the detailed information their patients want and deserve. The Rosy application connects women with a wealth of educational resources, trained experts and even a library of erotica with a choice among three levels of spice, as in heat!

Drs. Harper and Dweck recall their days in residency, where information about erectile dysfunction and other male-oriented sexual issues were part of training rotations. By contrast, as Dr. Dweck puts it, when it comes to women’s sexual health and well-being their training amounted to “a big fat zero!” Enjoy this lively conversation with Dr. Harper, an innovator to watch in the women’s health space. Rosy is a digital community unlike anything out there – and women learning from and meeting each other on the platform are thrilled!

What Led to The Start of Rosy?

  • While in private practice as an OB-GY in Dallas, Dr. Harper felt ill-equipped to respond to the many and various complaints of sexual dysfunction she was hearing from patients.
  • Medical school training typically skips past women’s sexual health issues.
  • Frustrated, Dr. Harper ultimately left her private practice to start a clinic focused on evidence-based information to help women suffering with sexual issues.
  • Dr. Harper and her co-hosts agree that there’s a mandate to recreate women’s health to include sexual wellness.

Dr. Harper shares stories of hope derived from the Rosy experience, based on:

  • Education.
  • Self-Help.
  • Erotica.
  • Community sharing and coaching.
  • Knowledge sharing and tips for cancer survivors as well as those who have dealt with infertility, post-partum depression and other challenges.

How Does Rosy Work

  • The Rosy app offers group and individual coaching sessions with life coaches who are specially trained in sexual health.
  • For those interested in working with a trained sex therapist, Dr. Harper recommends ASECT (American Association of Sexuality Counselors and Therapists). Click here to learn more.
  • Another great resource: ACOG (The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Their website is here.
  • Some 90% of women with sexual dysfunction can be helped through education and limited coaching. But those with unresolved sexual trauma or significant relationship discord may be best served by a trained sex therapist.
  • New members complete a 27-question intake form that helps establish medical or situational red flags that may require outside counsel.

The Rosy Business Model

  • The platform’s business model is direct-to-consumer and subscription-based, with three tiers of access
    • 1. Access to all digital content, including educational videos and erotica.
    • 2. All digital content, plus group coaching.
    • 3. All digital content, plus group and individual coaching.
  • Making the Distinction: Telehealth is provided by a credentialed physician or other medical practitioner while coaching is provided by specialists trained by a head coach (who in the cast of Rosy is a physician).
  • From a business standpoint, deploying medical resources at Rosy via telehealth would be challenging because of low rates of insurance reimbursement and regulations.
  • The Rosy platform strives to deploy evidence-based advice.

About Dr Lyndsey Harper

Lyndsey Harper, MD, is a clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Medicine. She is also a board-certified OB-GYN that specializes in helping patients with low libido and sexual dysfunction. Dr. Harper is the founder and CEO of Rosy, a women’s health company that connects women to evidence-based resources for decreased sexual desire. Rosy’s mission is to alleviate the silence and shame that surrounds women’s sexual dysfunction and to provide women with the help they deserve.

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