Feminine health issues like yeast infections and genital herpes are still considered “taboo” when it comes to media portrayal, and even sometimes in healthcare circles. On this episode of the Busine$$ of the V, hosts Rachel-Braun Scherl and Dr. Alyssa Dweck sit down with Caroline Goodner, the founder and CEO of OrganiCare.

OrganiCare is an efficacious and all-natural healthcare company that specializes in creating products to treat feminine health concerns like yeast infections and genital herpes. With products like FemiClear and Curoxen that are both natural and scientifically proven to work, Caroline has blazed a new trail when it comes to bridging the gap between all-natural and efficacious.

HOT FLASH: Herpes is a super common infection. 1 in 5 in the U.S. have been exposed to an STI. $16 billion goes towards direct medical expenses when it comes to STI. And of that, $91 million goes towards herpes type 2.

Herpes and yeast infections are both super common in the U.S., and yet we don’t like to talk about them! Throughout this episode, Caroline shares how she got OrganiCare off the ground, why treating yeast infections and herpes doesn’t have to be taboo, and what’s next for OrganiCare in the coming years.

Citing a plethora of data-backed tests and personal patient feedback, Caroline believes OrganiCare’s products are really making a difference in the lives of women across the country. Alyssa, for one, added that these types of issues are more common than many would think, and that’s where Caroline believes OrganiCare can come in. Whether you’ve experienced a yeast infection or herpes yourself, or you’re just looking for a more natural way to treat these common issues, don’t miss out on this informative conversation where business meets science!

Watch the Organicare Interview with Caroline Goodner

Contact Caroline Goodner:

Website: www.organicare.com


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Topics covered in today’s episode with Caroline Goodner of OrganiCare

  • Caroline shares how she became an entrepreneur and got into the world of feminine health issues.
  • How Caroline landed on treating genital herpes with natural products as one of OrganiCare’s flagship over-the-counter products.
  • Caroline’s “secret sauce” to overcome media bias towards “taboo” women’s health products that treat yeast infections and genital herpes.
  • A look at Alyssa’s conversations with patients who get diagnosed with STI’s like herpes and yeast infections.
  • How Caroline’s products for yeast infections compare to other common over-the-counter products.
    • Yeasts become resistant to certain types of drugs that are more commonly used.
    • FemiClear kills over 99% of all fungi, according to Caroline.
  • How Caroline communicates “natural” and “clinically-proven” to her company’s buyers.
    • Instead of leading with how OrganiCare is all-natural, Caroline and her company frequently taut OrganiCare’s efficacy statements at the outset.
  • Caroline and OrganiCare provide many avenues of education to their customers, but have the desire to beef up that educational push through their website.
  • Caroline hopes to have OrganiCare step into the gap in sex education frequently left by schools.
  • Alyssa’s definition of “chronic” when it comes to yeast infections and other STI’s.
  • Caroline shares some of the reactions, feedback, and testimonials she’s gotten from customers who’ve used OrganiCare’s products.
  • OrganiCare started as a brick-and-mortar company and then moved into supply chain and distribution.
  • Retailers including CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart were early adopters of OrganiCare’s products and still taut and carry the company’s products today.
  • What’s next for Caroline and where she sees OrganiCare going in the areas of herpes and yeast infections.

Quotes from today’s episode with Caroline Goodner of OrganiCare:

10:04: “Women’s health issues have just not been addressed, because too few women were in positions of power to make decisions about what’s going to be addressed.”

11:44: “What I find so strange is that herpes, by many accounts, is still more stigmatized than HIV.”

18:24: “We always try to lead with efficacy, because as nice as natural is, unless you’re just hard core and willing to suffer through an infection that might not clear in favor of natural, most people want to know that it’s going to work.”

27:20: “Consumers demand natural. And if it’s natural and proven effective then it’s really addressing both sides of the consumer demand.”

29:38: “Those two things we require: natural and efficacious. That’s kind of a hallmark of OrganiCare and also the FemiClear brand.”

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