This episode of Busine$$ of the V is about helping women beat infertility by asking the right questions. Guest Amy Beckley, owner and CEO of Proov, introduces us to a new home ovulation test that asks not “if” but “how.” Called Proov, this ovulation test frames the infertility conversation around overall ovarian health by measuring the quality of ovulation over a mere presence of eggs. This understanding of quality ovulation can help women develop a better plan to overcome the challenge of infertility.

Studies show that 1 in 8 couples in the United States wrestle with infertility every year, and the technology around understanding infertility has done little to empower individual women. Amy developed the idea for Proov after several miscarriages and a broken dream of an easy path to motherhood. Unhappy with the answers and determined to find better solutions, she developed Proov from her background in pharmacology, which she holds a PhD in from the University of Colorado Medical Center. Armed with knowledge, she set out to provide a method for women to fill the gap between a loose understanding of ovulation and treatment methods that didn’t yield results.

This Weeks Hot Flash is About Difficulties with Pregnancy

1 in 8 couples in the United States have trouble getting pregnant. That’s about 6.7 million people who struggle with infertility each year. Also, 15% of people trying to get pregnant in the U.S. are age 35 and older, highlighting the need for better technology to help with infertility.

If you or anyone you know has struggled to conceive, then you understand how this kind of technology can be literally live-giving. Enough women have been frustrated by too little information while waiting too long. They’ve grieved their lost babies and fought against what many thought ought to be a naturally simple process. Proov is helping give the power back to women by offering a real ovulation quality test set that they can take in the comfort of their own homes.

Proov helps women bolster their ovarian health and creates an environment for overall reproductive success. Join hosts Dr. Dweck and Rachel in finding out more about how Proov is helping women reverse their infertility for good.

Watch the Proov Interview with Amy Beckley

About Proov CEO, Amy Beckley

Amy Beckley is the owner and CEO of Proov, a fertility company that is changing the way we think about ovulation and infertility. Proov is the first FDA-approved ovulation test that can measure the overall quality of ovulation. Amy has more than a decade of experience in women’s health, and she brings her passion for pregnancy to her work. She hopes Proov can increase the chances of pregnancy for all women struggling to conceive.



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Topics Covered in This Week’s Interview with Amy Beckley

·   Amy jumps in by talking about how she initially struggled with fertility, despite grand plans otherwise.

·   Proov was born from the gap in knowledge of infertility and the diagnostic approaches.

·   Amy created a better diagnostic tool so women can better assess the quality of their ovulation–right at home.

·    How Proov actually improved upon existing ovulation tests.

·    Ovulation quality can be improved through a healthier diet, changes in hair and skincare products, and even through prescription medication.

·    High quality ovulation is not just about pregnancy–it’s about ovarian health, which is AN issue for all women.

·    Proov users are empowered by what the tests offer, and these women can take this knowledge to their doctors to have more productive conversations around their fertility.

·    Proov users are empowered by what the tests offer, and these women can take this knowledge to their doctors to have more productive conversations around their fertility.

·    Proov ultimately helps women to understand the quality of their ovulation.

·    Now backed by the FDA, Proov is the first test to prove successful ovulation–not just “yes” or “no,” but if it’s healthy.

·    Everything at Proov is manufactured in the US, and the company has seven employees: all women.

 ·    On the horizon is another product from Proov that targets the menopausal demographic by measuring fluctuations in their progesterone levels.

·    In the post-COVID world, more and more women want access to more testing and diagnostic resources at home.

·   Proov is developing a platform on an app that can help women track their overall hormonal and ovarian health by offering testing recommendations, analyzing their results, and building a monitoring plan.

Quotes from This Week’s Podcast with Proov CEO, Amy Beckley

(05:30) – “The doctors told me, ‘oh, you haven’t been trying long enough’ and ‘you haven’t had enough losses.’”

(07:50) – “You can ovulate and you can ovulate well--we just defined what that means.”

(12:15) – “Poor ovulation quality is becoming more and more of a problem.”

(13:00) – “If you’re just worried about egg quality, then you’re missing ovarian quality and the hormones.”

(18:00) – “When you ovulate well (and your Proov tests are positive), you have a better chance at getting pregnant.”

(23:10) – “A lot of people say stress doesn’t affect infertility, but it absolutely does.”

(28:45) – “As soon as you go straight to consumers, doctors think it’s a product that doesn’t work, and there will always be that kind of bias against new products in medicine.”

(34:00) – “It’s diet, it’s supplements, it’s exercise, it’s lifestyle–it’s the whole thing to really personalize the journey for each woman.”

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