This episode of Busine$$ of the V is about having important conversations surrounding sexual wellness and reproductive health. Guest Claire McCormack, founder of Beauty Independent, shares her in-depth knowledge of entrepreneurs, their personal stories and rising trends in the market space of intimate beauty. Furthermore, she shares about today’s increase in consumer awareness and the impact that it has had on the market’s demand for clean beauty offerings.

Hot topics that affect the conversations surrounding the intimate beauty industry include product sensitivities, menopause, body dysmorphia, and the need to focus on diversity in beauty. As a result, there has been great progress surrounding what is labeled as “normal” vs. what is actually normal. Claire shares examples of brands and products that have been a part of such progress in bringing “taboo” topics into the light.

In closing, women have so much spending power and have a huge impact on the beauty market. Beauty Independent is committed to spotlighting entrepreneurial, founder brands with a personal story to continue giving women options that will improve their intimate health which in turn affects their general health and overall quality of life.

Topics Covered in This Week’s Interview with Claire McCormack

  • Founder led brands, editorial coverage and the launch of Beauty Independent as a digital publication
  • Sexual health trends including the reasons and the entrepreneurs behind them
  • Primary trends for wellness brands in sexual and reproductive health
  • How menopause is framed
  • The translation from “normal” to what is actually normal
  • Body Dysmorphia and the impact of today’s grooming trend
  • What’s Next for Beauty Independent
  • Vetting Process for medical world
  • The personal story that brands start with and the focus on clean beauty
  • Influencers and diversity in the beauty industry

Watch the Interview with Claire McCormack

About Beauty Independent Author, Claire McCormack

Claire McCormack of Beauty Independent, a digital beauty publication, is a speaker, storyteller and trend spotter with a keen eye and deep knowledge of the beauty and wellness space. She has a business acumen which serves as a great contribution to her editorial and educational content for, and direct strategy across, Indie Beauty Media Group properties, Beauty Independent and BeautyX Summit. Claire has successfully launched three beauty properties: a luxury e-commerce site – Travel Beauty, a digital publication – Beauty Independent, and educational platform and conference series – BeautyX Summit.



Claire @LinkedIn

Quotes from This Week’s Podcast with Author at Beauty Independent, Claire McCormack

(1:21)- “The millennial generation and below have a much different comfort level with discussing subject levels with proper names…but there is a big push toward intimate beauty.”

(6:45)- “We see trends before anyone else because we are covering those brands literally as they are just launching.”

(6:31)- “I’m noticing…many of these trends come out of personal stories, sensitivities or medical history of these entrepreneurs that find it super important.”

(8:43)- “Consumer awareness is so much more educated today…they want other options and technology has allowed those other options to be created and put into the market.”

(9:24)- “There are a lot of products that cause sensitivity for some people…the whole organic vs. conventional differences. For some people, it really can make all the difference in how they feel on a day to day basis.”

(9:57)- “As more options become available, people become aware that ‘Oh! Maybe this thing I’m experiencing is a reaction…” and when they find relief, it changes their whole quality of life.'”

(10:27)- “Sexual health and general health go hand in hand.”

(13:09)- “Brands are launching directly into this category now and in the past 6 months it has accelerated…investments are fueling in a big way.”

(14:29)- “All the different players in this are starting to reinforce one another.”

(15:45)- “As women, we are marketed to so heavy our entire lives.”

(17:35)- “When you use the word “normal,” the opposite end of the equation is abnormal…and women are left to wonder which they are.”

(19:03)- “Now with grooming being so popular and hair removal exposing the entire vulva for view, it’s more important we get information from the media so we know what is normal, what’s out there…”

(19:45)- “There are no two vulvas that are exactly alike. Normalcy is actually in the eye of the beholder.”

(30:00)- “The rise of clean beauty is a big part as consumers continue to be more educated about ingredients.”

(31:10)- “To hear a founder talk about their brand is amazing.”

(32:15)- “A rising tide raises all boats.”

(33:05)- “It’s so simple that it’s super successful.”

(35:27)- “Women have so much spending power…which has been a big party of diversity in the beauty industry.”

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